Video Introduction to Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Available

Video Introduction to Sustainable Forest Bioenergy
The Forest Guild and the Pinchot Institute for Conservation are pleased to announce a new website presenting a series of videos about forest biomass harvest and retention guidelines.  These guidelines detail how forest biomass can be harvested and utilized for energy while protecting the habitat, soils, water, and future of the forest.  Each of the videos focuses on common questions about forest biomass harvesting guidelines from a different perspective: forest management, conservation, policy, or renewable energy production.  Landowners, foresters, loggers, policymakers, conservationists, energy producers, and others can benefit from an easy to understand guide to sustainable forest bioenergy.  The website also features a library of detailed technical guidelines for forest biomass retention and harvesting by state, region, and country.  The website was made possible through the generous support of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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