Aspen Hills Wildfire Preparedness

Home Address Signs

The Divide Fire Department has green reflective address number signs recommended by the Fire Inspector available.  The fire department provides these signs as a community service, and asks for a $10 donation.  The available signs are one-sided, so order two signs if you need to show your house number on both sides.  Signs can be made vertical or horizontal.  Having fire-resistant, visible address signs is important for responders to locate your home in the event of a wildfire or other emergency.

Aspen Hills neighbors are ordering address signs together, so please contact Tanna Hackney ( by July 1 if you would like an address sign.


Street Signs

Aspen Hills neighbors banned together to prepare for wildfire season by working on street sign installation on Wildfire Preparedness Day!  Street signs are important to help emergency responders navigate neighborhoods during wildfires or other disasters. Thanks to Paul for re-grading entrances, and to Greg, John, Glenn, Curtis, Dana, Rick, and Tanna and her son for installing new street sign bases and helping remove old signs.

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Wildfire Restoration Resources

The resources below are excellent references for organizing and implementing wildfire restoration events:

NRCS Fact Sheets:
2012 Contour Wattles Fact Sheet
2012 Erosion Control Mats Fact Sheet
2012 Grade Stabilizers (Cross Vane) Fact Sheet
2012 Hand raking Fact Sheet
2012 Log erosion barrier Fact Sheet
2012 Rock Check Dams Fact Sheet
2012 Seeding Fact Sheet
2012 Straw Bale Check Dam Fact Sheet
Willow Planting
Technical Notes on Seeding

Colorado State Forest Service “Vegetative Recovery after Wildfire” 

Colorado Seed Laboratory Test Request Worksheet

Job Hazard Analysis  

Example Liability Release 

Example Volunteer Sign Up Form