CUSP is solicting Chipper Dates in the 285 corridor

The Coalition for the Upper South Platte fuels team is looking to book some Chipper dates in the 285 corridor this summer. CUSP is a non-profit watershed protection agency, and not a chipper “service”. We work with you, as a volunteer, to further the goal of preventing wildfires. The most efficient way to mitigate fire hazards is often with your HOA, as a whole, or working with your individual neighbors to create a full day of chipping work for our crew members. We have a full sized, Morbark chipper, with a trained crew, and charge a minimal fee in the form of a donation.
Due to the fact that we are serving a very large area now, dates will be limited this season. So, please CONTACT  soon if you are interested.
And be sure to go to our Chipper page for more information about our program, including rates.
As community members; please look into and for more information about mitigating around your home and ensuring your community is prepared in the event of fire. We look forward to helping.